What You'll Learn



Mobility, pervasive connectivity, information “superabundance,” and the accelerated pace of change in business have become disruptive forces in today’s enterprise, leading organizations to search for new and creative ways to bridge the gap in knowledge sharing and collaboration between various departments and teams. Learn how knowledge management (KM) can save you time and money by making info shareable and accessible.

  • Align the Entire Customer Experience - Effective knowledge sharing allows for open communication and consistent brand messaging from marketing to sales to customer support.
  • Slash Time to Contribution - Maximize the value of knowledge sharing solutions with advanced search capabilities: predictive search, full document index search, filters, and more. 
  • Improve the Customer Experience - With customer support expectations so high, equipping support agents with quick access to up-to-date documentation and expertise is no longer optional.
  • Enable Customer Self-Service and Support - Branded communities and self-service portals dramatically improve customer engagement, decrease time to resolution, and improve customer satisfaction.

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