What You'll Learn



As customer support continues to move to a more strategic position within organizations, teams are faced with the important and difficult task of meeting customer expectations. Organizations are turning to a service delivery methodology in which knowledge management is applied to support operations through a culture of problem-solving and knowledge sharing called Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS). Download our white paper and see how your team can improve time to resolution and customer satisfaction.

  • How to Build a Knowledge Base - Successful KCS relies on having content that reps will use as well as the right technology. Learn how to set your team up for success.
  • Create Documentation With the Solve Loop - Discover the most effective methods for identifying solutions to customer problems and how to document the process.
  • Refine Knowledge With the Evolve Loop - Learn how to maintain knowledge so that it serves both customers and customer support employees by utilizing the evolve loop.
  • Start Your KCS Plan With Our Checklist - Between defining goals and communicating with your team, you'll be on your way to setting up a successful KCS plan.

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