Drive Efficiency with Enhanced AI Capabilities

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Augment the performance of your authors, end users, and administrators with advanced AI capabilities for creating posts, getting answers, and pulling in content from across your organization’s knowledge repositories.

AI Author Assist2

AI Author Assist

Take knowledge creation to the next level by simplifying the time-intensive process of building high-quality, actionable posts. Start with a document, video, or article and use a suite of generative AI tools with cutting-edge prompt engineering to add summaries, key takeaways, and insights using your original content. Choose from several options for refining tone, voice, and formatting so knowledge is tailored to your target audience. 

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AI Search 2024 Update700x458

Ask AI

Make it simple for employees and front-line support agents to ask questions in natural language and get direct answers sourced from vetted company knowledge – including integrated Enterprise Search sources. Deep dive into references with options to ask questions about specific posts, documents, or videos. Teams can trust that they’re getting accurate responses because Bloomfire’s patented AI technology will only provide answers if relevant company knowledge is available.

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Enterprise Search2

Enterprise Search

Easily scale access to company knowledge by equipping employees with a single AI-powered search engine that integrates with SharePoint and MS Teams document libraries. Connections are easy to configure and even easier to maintain, so administrators can streamline content and document management and automate processes for curating, migrating, and updating content in bulk. AI will deep-index and auto-sync files, ensuring each team has access to curated, up-to-date information in real time.


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